Professional Profile

I have recently returned to the Puget Sound region after spending 4 years abroad teaching business and marketing in a Canadian International school, where I had the opportunity to travel in Asia and Europe. The experience changed my life and broadened my view of the world.

I met a variety of amazing people, tried countless cultural foods and saw many wonderful sights. Prior to that I spent the past 30 years in management, marketing and customer service.

My travels, business experience and deeply cultivated relationships lead me to becoming a Real Estate Broker. Each of these aspects translates perfectly into giving the best service to my clients. I am here to support your dreams of buying, selling and owning property. My motto is Care, Attentiveness and Integrity. This is something I apply in every part of my life and I will bring this to my Real Estate Broker relationship with you.

Call or write me today and let’s work together to find you the best things in life!